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Management & Directors

Christian Timmins

CEO & President

Chris Timmins is a serial entrepreneur and investor with over twenty years of analyzing and speculating in the metals, mining and technology sectors. He has been involved in many public companies during his career and has served on public company boards and held various positions, including as Chief Executive Officer.

Dave Bissoondatt

CFO & Director

Mr. Bissoondatt has over 35 years of experience with companies involved in the public markets. He has held the positions as Director and as Corporate Secretary in various companies traded on the TSX Venture Exchange and the Canadian Securities Exchange. He has also served on the Audit Committee in some of the companies. He has provided corporate governance and regulatory compliance services for TSX Venture and CSE listed companies since 2015. He works closely with the company’s legal counsel and CEO in maintaining corporate records and managing daily operations and ensuring the company’s filings with the securities commissions and exchanges are filed and in accordance with their deadlines.

Lorne McCarthy


Mr. McCarthy has been involved in the Junior Resource Sector for the past 40 years and has served on a number of Public Companies as a Director or Advisory Capacity. He has also been a Realtor in the Vancouver / Lower Mainland for over 30 years and served on the Government Relations Committee for the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board and made many good relationships with Members of Parliament with both the Provincial Government in British Columbia and the Federal Government in Ottawa.

Noah Komavli


Mr. Komavli's expertise lies in supply chain management, optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing value chains. His extensive background in this field adds valuable insights to Pegasus' operations and strengthens the Company's strategic approach. Beyond his professional endeavours, Mr. Komavli has a deep interest in precious metals and mining, particularly in exploration and development-focused companies. He has invested in this sector for numerous years, gaining firsthand knowledge of its opportunities and challenges. Mr. Komavli also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, having co-founded and developed a startup software company. His experience fostering innovation and driving business growth will provide an invaluable perspective to Pegasus Resources' ongoing operations and future opportunities.