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Management & Directors

Charles Desjardins

President, CEO, CFO

Mr. Desjardins brings more than 30 years of public company experience in the areas of finance and public company management. He is President and CEO of Tandem Capital Group Inc. which was active in the investor relations field during the mid 1980s. Mr. Desjardins was also past president of numerous public mineral exploration and technology companies which traded on the TSX Venture exchange.

Dave Bissoondatt


Mr. Bissoondatt has over 25 years of experience with companies involved in the public markets. He has held the position as director in various companies traded on the TSX Venture Exchange. He has also served on the Audit Committee in some of the companies. Mr. Bissoondatt graduated from BCIT in Control Electronics in 1975 and in Medical Radiology in 1980. Recently retired from being a manager in health care. He has been a business owner for many years.

Mike England


Mr. England has been involved in the public markets since 1983, beginning his career working at the Vancouver Stock Exchange as a floor trader. Since 1995, Mr. England has been directly involved with public companies in various roles, including investor relations, directorships and senior officer positions. To date, Mr. England has been directly responsible for raising in excess of $80-million for mineral exploration and acquisitions.